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  • Access information on the number of proposals sent to customer by each sales team member
  • Assurance that every proposal will be consistently great looking
  • Increase win rates
  • Have easy access to up-to-date content

  • Have a simple to use solution
  • Reflect best practice in documents and process
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Integrate document creation with your CRM system


  • Access to up-to-date content and materials
  • Remote access
  • Be able to communicate your response and suggestions to particular content and materials

  • Quickly prepare consistently great looking documents
  • Concentrate on the customer rather than searching for content and formatting documents


  • Gain control over the content being used by channel partners relating to your business
  • Ensure the content is up-to-date

  • Ensure consistency with corporate branding and messaging

Human Resources

  • Create all key documents – application forms, interview templates, competency requirements, role profiles and more
  • Ensure accuracy always

  • Greatly reduce time spent on creating documents
  • Ensure consistency, standardisation, accuracy and compliance
  • Simple to use by all team members

Financial Advisors

  • Ensure consistency and compliance
  • Ensure content is always up to date
  • Deliver highest quality documents

  • Ensure fast turnaround
  • Simple to use by all team members


  • Ensure consistency and compliance in the use of corporate collateral including branding and styles
  • An effective way to deliver corporate messaging to new internal and existing customers

  • Ensure that the latest marketing materials are used by all users and teams


  • Rapid deployment
  • Benefits arise immediately after implementation
  • Address corporate compliance and governance issues

  • Integrate with other corporate systems such as and Sharepoint
  • Provide a process for the various content stakeholders to collaborate

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