Selecting the Right Content Management System

There is no getting away from it, companies still run on documents, and selecting the right content management system is crucial.

In fact it is estimated that 40% of business activities are document driven and 10% of annual revenue is spent on documents and printing.

40% document driven

It is more important now than ever before to commit time and resources to looking after your documentation. Poor document processes lead to significant business risk, some of which are:-

  • 36.2% of companies failed to meet compliance requirements
  • 24.9% lost major customers
  • 20.4% were pulled into major audits
  • 19.1% had a major PR crisis (Source: IDC)

This is set to get worse.  Along with accessing corporate documentation from within, employees are more than ever accessing this documentation remotely, and this is a major growth area.

In a report provided by (see image below) it is apparent that the consumption trends are growing in the digital and in particular mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops, while the longer established TV / Radio / Print is dropping off.

Digital versus print

Access to corporate content – anytime, anywhere from any device

Today’s’ workforce / remote sales teams are increasingly using mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops.

It is essential then, that they are provided with the best tools, allowing them access to on-demand corporate resources anytime, from anywhere and using any device. This is key to enabling of our new workforce.

SpeedAuthor  provides a solution to suit your corporate needs, whether your requirements are in-house or external on a cloud platform such as Azure or Amazon web services, used on/offline.

Integrated with other systems including SharePoint and other CRM systems such as Many users are now using our solutions while working remotely via Citrix XenApp and Azure Remote App etc.

different devices to access content

We would be happy to arrange a demo, or you can make contact with us here.

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