Our Customers


Our customers come from the ICT, healthcare, energy, financial services, and legal sectors. A number are market leaders in their respective fields.

They use SpeedAuthor Accelerator tools for a wide range of purposes including (i) bespoke external documents such as sales proposals, letters of advice and other documentation, and (ii) internal documents such as bespoke HR documentation and training materials.

Integration with other systems is often required, particularly CRM systems.

A number of organisations have been very creative and have extended its use internally. In addition to making approved corporate content, marketing collateral and previously completed documents accessible to users, they have also used SpeedAuthor Accelerator tools to create:

  • Sales training materials
  • Commercial contracts
  • Standard response letters
  • Pre-populated customer documents
  • Role competency requirements
  • Role profiles

A key benefit of this is that from the user perspective all the information they require is very easily accessible and in a single location.

“The personalised interview and recruitment documents I create now take me only a few minutes, whereas previously they took me hours to do. And it is very easy to use as I am a non-technical person.”



“Wow, this will definitely help me in my work, it’s really intuitive”
“It’s brilliant, I‘ve heard about this before. Now I understand how people can generate really great looking documents, perfectly formatted and laid out every time.”
“The content expiry controls and reporting are fantastic. This is critical in our business”

Comments from experienced B2B sales professionals after a recent deployment in the ICT sector



“The reports I can get from this will be very useful for me in doing my job”
“I will be using this constantly to observe how my team is doing”

Feedback from a number of managers in a recent ICT sector deployment


“We will be using Accelerator for all out bids and tenders”
“It really is very easy to use”

Comments from Bid proposal team members in a market leading Energy sector company




“How quickly can we have this up and running? This will solve a number of problems we have in our sales and bid areas”
“This is so good and so simple to use that we are now going to assess additional areas where it may be used productively for other purposes”

Responses from the senior bids and tenders team in a rapidly growing ISV