Improve your Process



We advise on:

  • The most appropriate content structure
  • How to handle content updating and expiry

  • A content management process that will deliver your requirements
  • Initial content uploading


We provide the following training:

  • Training in the use of our Accelerator solutions
  • Bespoke training courses designed for your specific needs on the creation of particular document types


  • Training in advanced MS Word related topics such as template design, integration and short cuts
  • Refresher training


  • APMP accredited Foundation and Practitioner level training
  • Bespoke and tailored training courses to address your specific needs

  • Bid management training
  • On the job training (while working on live bids/proposals)


  • Bid process review, assessment and design
  • Establishing a World class approach / system

  • Benchmarking your process and results


SpeedAuthor can provide the following support services:

  • Resources for planned seasonal / other needs
  • Proposal writers
  • Team leader / support


  • Corporate content administration
  • System administration

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