The Importance of Brand Consistency

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If 25% of a companies market value is directly attributed to its reputation (Source: World Economics), and reputation and brand are inextricably linked, then it follows that your brand consistency is essential to your companies well being.

Despite this, the workforce for medium and large corporations are often not in sync. The message from headquarters can often look different when sent from a branch office. Brand consistency simply is not being maintained and the company is suffering. (See our previous blog on branding here…)

We understand this at SpeedAuthor, our Document Authoring Solution is looking after the creation of corporate documentation in companies worldwide and over many sectors, creating proactive sales proposals, contracts, standard letters, HR documents, letters of advice and much more. Consistency is being maintained throughout the corporation. (see our demo video here)

B2B Branding

I found a very interesting article on branding by Shell Robshaw-Byran, Shell is a full time marketing consultant at Surefire Media with many years experience in Internet marketing and SEO. What follows is an excerpt of this article created by Shell.

No matter how big or small your business is or whether you are consumer focused or a B2B service provider, you will benefit from developing and maintaining a recognisable brand.

A brand refers to a collection of interlinked attributes, including things like your core business values, your unique selling points and your goods and services. Effectively conveying this varied set of attributes depends on you actively demonstrating and reflecting your brand values in everything that you do, from your advertising through to the experience a customer has when they pick up the phone to talk to you or walk into your office. This gives your business an identity.

A successful brand helps to communicate what your core product is, what sets you aside from your competition and should be applied consistently across everything you do.

The Benefits of Branding

  • Helps you to differentiate your business, making you to stand out in your customers minds
  • Gives your business a personality and identity that people can relate to
  • Effectively delivers and reinforces your key messaging
  • Drives authority and trust in your business
  • Drives customer loyalty and brand evangelism
  • Positioning your brand correctly can help you to achieve higher prices for your product or service

Defining your Brand

When you think about all of the individual aspects that combine to make your business, pulling them all together and highlighting key differentiators will help you to define your brand.

Remember too that your brand is continually reinforced through all of your customer facing messaging, from your business cards, email marketing and website through to your logo, signage and print collateral.

The Importance of Brand Consistency

Ensuring that both your messaging and visual branding is clearly and consistently applied across all communication channels makes sense, as strong consistent branding reinforces your identity and drives positive sentiment and trust.

See the entire article here…

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