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SpeedAuthor is a leader in improving user and team effectiveness through its next generation

SpeedAuthor is a leader in improving user and team effectiveness through its next generation

SpeedAuthor is a leader in improving user and team effectiveness through its next generation, tailor-made document authoring solutions. Our technology allows you to focus exclusively on meeting your organisation and customer requirements.

When creating documents you no longer need to copy and paste or spend valuable time on styles, branding and formatting.

SpeedAuthor Accelerator can be used anytime, anywhere, on any device i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops / desktops.

Our Accelerator solutions can be client or server (virtualisation such as Citrix) based, run in a windows environment, can access corporate content, old documents and external content from any location. They can be in-house or external on a Cloud platform such as Azure and Amazon web services, can be used on/offline and can be integrated with other systems including CRM systems such as Many users are now using our solutions while working from home.

SpeedAuthor integrates at a deep level with Microsoft Word and is compatible with all versions of Windows and Microsoft Office including Office 2016.


Accessing new and changed marketing collateral and up-to-date corporate content can be big problem areas for many users and teams. Our Accelerator solution provide a way to overcome these and provide a methodology for the organisation to ensure a robust and continuing process is in place.

Our SpeedAuthor Accelerator tools allow sales, legal, finance, marketing, HR and admin teams to work together. We provide training in all aspects of using Accelerator, Proposal Planning and Proposal Writing.

All Accelerator users can collaborate on corporate content and document creation. Particularly successful documents can be set up as best-in-class and made available to all users.


Our Accelerator solutions allow users and team members to access, assemble and present content in a unique way. By presenting the most appropriate content for use in a particular situation, this saves very significant time for all those creating documents. Typically, this is a source of great time wasting and can lead to errors and rework.

All content has expiry date control and content administrators receive advance warnings of when content needs to be updated or refreshed. Updating and refreshing content is simple and is carried out in seconds.

If while creating a document additional content is required e.g. from an old proposal or document, this can be accessed and inserted effortlessly.

All content available for use is pre-approved by the relevant people. It is maintained by content administrators but can be contributed to by all. These may include subject matter experts (product and services), marketing, finance, legal, HR, sales and compliance.


Many documents are created and completed in a single session.

However, if the need arises, work can be carried out on the same document on any number of occasions until completed. For example, a document can be partially completed today, saved and recommenced on another date. This process can be carried out repeatedly.

Where collaboration is required i.e. a number of contributors are required on a document, this is easily done. All contributors can work simultaneously bringing about very significant benefits for your organisation in reducing the elapsed time taken.


From Green Light to Go-Live takes weeks rather than months.

Once approved for use, content can be bulk loaded. Content elements, structure and variations are agreed up front. These should reflect user group needs and requirements. Attention to detail at this stage pays handsome dividends later by way of time savings for the entire team when creating documents.

A user group/team is set up who have authority to engage and sign-off at this stage. UAT’s and OAT’s are carried out.

Deployment then takes place and the system is made available to all.

Training takes place immediately prior to going live once content and document ‘look and feel’ has been signed off. This is carried out on your premises and is backed up by manuals, videos and online support.

Our solution requires no ongoing I.T. involvement as it is managed entirely by your in-house Super User’s who are trained in all aspects of this role.


At SpeedAuthor we pride ourselves on providing fantastic support.

In addition to having highly trained super-users available as well as various materials including manuals, videos and FAQ’s, we also provide an online support service. Most calls are dealt with on-the-spot.

We contact all super-users on a monthly basis and we advise of up-coming releases and seek contributions and feedback.

We actively promote user groups and are very keen to engage with them as this provides a valuable communicating vehicle for feedback and ideas.

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