How to guide your salespeople to success

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So you have the product the market has been waiting for. Your Marketing department has done their part, leads have been secured and it is over to Sales – its time to convert!

Is your Sales team best positioned to convert the lead?

No. Sales teams are consistently having difficulty finding the relevant content for their lead and enormous amounts of time is being wasted each day. This comes at a cost to the organisation, $19,000 (€16,868) PER INFORMATION WORKER PER YEAR according to a report by IDC!

Sales Stats

SpeedAuthor Accelerator has become the solution for many Sales Managers. Their teams are now using Accelerator to look after all their B2B corporate document creation needs. (Product Demo Video here…)

The following blog by Mindmatrix tells us that we need to give time to our Sales staff, however over 50% of Sales Managers are too busy to train and develop their team. SpeedAuthor Accelerator takes just 2 hours training to enable your staff to immediately use the tool.

After marketing has captured and nurtured a lead, that prospect is transferred to the sales staff to convert into a sale. Are things falling off after this handoff? If so, this may be a training issue. Do your salespeople know what to say, when to say it and how to say it to a prospect while closing a sale? A prospect may be very near to the sale approaching the decision to buy, but if your salespeople don’t know how to handle things, you may ending up losing a sale.

A well-guided sales process can help your salespeople cope with their challenges.

Why do you need a well guided sales process?

Everybody needs a guide and your salespeople are no exception. Relying on your salespeople to have the product and market knowledge to sell your product/service is unrealistic. Without very specific guidance means they may unknowingly take all the wrong steps to resolve their challenges.

A sales guide acts as a roadmap for your salespeople

Don’t just flood them with assets…tell them how to use it

A lot of companies provide their salespeople with all the sales materials, call scripts, email templates, etc., and assume that their role ends there. In addition to this, the marketing team provides a bulk of leads that the salespeople are expected to pursue. Now, with information flooding in from all quarters, it becomes confusing for the salespeople to pursue the right leads in the right manner. First, they end up wasting their time on the wrong leads instead of the ones who are most ready to convert into a sale. Second, the challenge they face is not the absence of assets but the wisdom to use them effectively.

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