Speed & Efficiency of Document Generation tick
Accelerator enables users to become highly efficient in the way they prepare documents often reducing the time taken to prepare core business documents by up to 70%, reducing costs and response time, increasing customer win rates, customer satisfaction and overall productivity and morale.

Customer Focus tick
Accelerator allows the user to select the most relevant corporate content to address the specific needs of each customer.

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Customer Experience tick
SpeedAuthor Accelerator is proven to improve Customer Experience. It does this by enabling the user to quickly turn around high quality documents, containing only relevant content every time to every customer.

Document Quality tick
When required Accelerator enforces a prescribed corporate document structure and format. It also ensures that every document contains accurate and approved content while delivering a consistent look and feel.

Use of Customer Document tick
SpeedAuthor Accelerator allows a customer document (e.g. RFI, RFP) to be quickly imported, integrated and used in the response. The user can then insert the appropriate responses into the relevant areas of that document.

Update Content tick
Content can be updated as often as necessary. This requires only a few steps and is simple, fast and user-friendly.

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Simple and Intuitive tick
A simple and intuitive front-end guides users through a series of screens for all functionality. These are specifically designed for ease of use and requires minimal training. Content is selected to be included in a document by simply ticking the relevant box. All formatting, styles, numbering etc. are automatically managed by Accelerator allowing users to focus on the specific customer needs.

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Sharing tick
Documents can be stored in a number of locations:

  1. On a central repository (internal or external) for a permanent record and future reference
  2. A local machine
  3. On a CRM such as Salesforce.com
  4. In the Cloud e.g. Microsoft Azure / Amazon

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Search Documents tick
Accelerator allows a user to search for content and documents. Retrieved documents can then be reviewed and/or saved locally. They can also be re-used in-whole or in-part for inclusion in responses. A number of search criteria are available.

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Minimum Training tick
SpeedAuthor Accelerator is very simple to use and therefore requires minimum training. It requires minimal IT involvement and can be integrated with other systems such as Salesforce and Sharepoint.

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Support tick
SpeedAuthor Accelerator is simple to use. Training takes place at your site and typically takes between 1.5 to 2 hours. SpeedAuthor provides ongoing technical support and help. Our help desk is available at all times and we also use videos, Webex and CITRIX to make the process more user-friendly.

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Services tick
SpeedAuthor provides a range of services around its document authoring solutions including content structure management and proposal planning. These services include Content updating, Content process design, Advanced MS Word training, Bid and sales proposal team training, Bid and proposal writing and APMP accredited training.

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Reports tick
SpeedAuthor Accelerator can generate many off the shelf reports. Further bespoke reports can easily be provided. There are over 25 pre-written reports output in Excel enabling further analysis and calculations.

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Collaboration tick
Accelerator facilitates collaboration on a number of levels.

Firstly, it allows the sharing of content and documents among all users, groups of users, content / knowledge experts and administrators. This greatly facilitates the process of ensuring that content is fit-for-purpose and that users are aware of all updates and new content releases.

At the document level, Accelerator allows any number of users to collaborate on the same document. All relevant users can work simultaneously on the same document, thereby dramatically reducing the time taken to create a completed document.

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