The Evolution of Document Authoring Solutions

Evolution of document authoring


SpeedAuthor is the Document Authoring solution of choice for many companies, enabling teams to create Sales, HR and other corporate documents faster, while keeping a consistent corporate look and feel to the documentation produced.

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The following excerpt is taken from an interesting article penned by Ken Stearn you can read the full article here…

First Generation

If we consider that we’re talking about digital workflows here, the first generation of systems were of a client-server architecture with “terminals,” bound to the office and the desk. Restricted by Operating System, training to use the solutions often took weeks, if not months. The hardware was bespoke, and the input/output to/from the system were limited to a few data formats.

Second Generation

With the second generation systems, things got a bit better. We started to see the use of more standardised client-server technology, meaning that we were not locked into bespoke hardware, and the interface became more desktop operating system-oriented. The terminal became a software application that ran on the client machine. The solutions were still office-bound, but the flexibility of the systems were a significant step forward from the first generation systems.

Third Generation

The third generation systems leverage more recently available technologies. Collaboration becomes a big thing, having a single source for the data means that multi-channel publishing becomes possible. The user interface is now the browser, so hardware and operating system dependency become a thing of the past.

The user interface is intuitive and possibly context-sensitive, radically reducing the need for long training sessions. The systems are cloud-based, so you are no longer bound to your office chair. You can work anywhere, anytime. The third generation solutions that we’re outlining here can streamline and simplify your document publishing process, so that many things take place automatically.

SpeedAuthor  Accelerator empowers users with the latest technology packed within its application. Accessing and creating corporate content from the office or remotely via laptop / tablet / smartphone – Citrix or Azure Remote App.

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