Corporate Document Guidelines Should Help Deliver Global Brand Management

CRM Document Creation

Brand management is not just local – it’s global.

In an endless endeavor to automate much (if not all) of our daily workload, technology has had in many respects a large degree of success. There are many tools available that will help us to create a document such as report, proposal or response to RFI’s / RFP’s etc.

Communicating for example with a customer in a global market is certainly easier, we now have a multitude of choices on how we might do this, however these choices are not without difficulties.

There will always be a certain amount of work required by the user of the technology – and this is where the difficulty will start.

Ensuring that a global workforce sends out a consistent message to all customers regardless of location while essential, has proven to be quite the challenge.

To maintain best practices of global brand management, a workforce needs access to corporate content, this content must be accessible, consistent, approved and up to date. Timely access to this content is critical for ALL the workforce and by extension the organisation.

In a CEB Survey we are told that access to content is anything but timely. In fact, less than 44% of the workforce know where to find the very content they need for their day-to-day work, this becomes very costly to the organisation!

CRM document management software

Organisations, international or otherwise will take different approaches to deal with this problem, from the point of view of a technological solution to their content issues, they are (as previously mentioned) spoilt for choice and as a consequence often have difficulty deciding on one.

Users on average go through 30 apps per month on their smartphones alone (source: and they have brought this behaviour into the enterprise, looking to or using many apps for a solution.

There may never be the perfect solution, and the problem will often be the user of the technology rather than the technology itself. Nonetheless finding the ‘best fit’ for your company is absolutely essential. Building reputation and maintaining the corporate image is achieved when the message is consistent throughout the entire organisation.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it

CRM corporate document creation and management

We at SpeedAuthor have helped companies globally create and maintain their corporate image and build their reputation through the use of our Document Creation and Management tools (See our video demo here…).

We understand through working closely with our clients their needs and our software addressed their requirements, ensuring consistent and professional document creation and management throughout the entire organisation.

We have many years of experience and are the solution of choice for Multinationals to SME’s worldwide, spanning many different market sectors, e.g. Telecommunications, Human Resources, ICT, Financial etc.

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