Collaboration: Office 365 or Google Docs

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Q. What platform do you use to create documentation that represents your company, consistently maintaining the company’s brand, look and feel, allowing your users to concentrate on just the content?

Google Docs

Prior to the latest release of Office, Google Docs was ahead in the collaboration space.  A document could be edited live (on the fly) by numerous collaborators, as in the image below, where 6 people are editing the same document in real time, each contributor identified by the colour markers within the text.

All that was required from the user was any device that could access the internet.

collaboration Google docs

Google Collaboration Image

Office 365 (Web Apps)

Like Google Docs, Office 365 allows users to work on or offline.  When in online mode, a team can collaborate on a document using the office web app, where members are connected and changes are in real time.

Team members can also work on a document in offline mode, they can in fact work on a document from the Word application installed on their computer, once saved, changes will sync to the document stored in the cloud.


weighing scales

While both Google Docs (Part of Google Apps) and Office 365 are competing for the same space they share much common ground, Office 365 users can seamlessly move to their desktop installations to gain access to extra functionality that is not present within the Google Docs environment.

Google led the way in real-time collaboration, not only offering simultaneous access to files, but also allowing users to instant message or voice chat with their collaborators.

Office 365 has added their Lync client, bringing audio/video conferencing and web session white board collaboration to compete with these features too.

Office 365 certainly offers more to the user, but Pareto’s 80 – 20 principle might be worth considering here, where 80% of Office users employ just 20% of the functionality available.  If this is the case, then perhaps Google Docs is worth considering.

It is worth noting also that Office 365 has recently become the No1 deployed App in enterprises, passing Salesforce, Box and Google Apps! (Source BusinessInsider)

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