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SpeedAuthor is a leader in improving team effectiveness and productivity through its next generation B2B document authoring solutions, content management and proposal planning services. We help sales teams win more business, HR achieve huge time savings, and financial advisers deliver quality and compliance.

SpeedAuthor gives businesses a competitive edge with pioneering products like SpeedAuthor Accelerator which builds customised documents and sales and bid proposals at the click of a button. Many organisations worldwide are actively using SpeedAuthor solutions to improve quality, implement savings, increase win rates and strengthen marketing and brand messaging, while fundamentally transforming the effectiveness of their users and teams.

Our customers come from many diverse sectors such as ICT, Banking, Legal, Energy, Health Care and Financial Services. SpeedAuthor knows what works. We can offer your company proven methodologies and processes that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. From software solutions to training, from consulting to proposal writing and content management SpeedAuthor can provide the right expertise to help you become more efficient, win more business and deliver greater customer satisfaction.


We believe that SpeedAuthor will change your thinking about the capabilities of your existing document creation solutions and will highlight their weaknesses. You knew there had to be a better way and now you’ve found it! At SpeedAuthor our focus is on helping you become more efficient and successful. We’ve developed products such as SpeedAuthor Accelerator to improve your effectiveness and speed in creating bespoke internal and external documents of all kinds.

Accelerator is a tailor-made document authoring solution which means that it has been developed based on what our customers actually need and not on what we think they need. We have engaged our customers at all stages of the development of Accelerator, using their input to build a product that delivers against their success criteria. We have happy customers all over the world who have worked with SpeedAuthor to develop bespoke solutions to fit their unique business requirements. We can do the same for you, we guarantee we will make a difference to your bottom line.

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